Tax Services


Our SACPA’s personal will helping you to stay within the confines of the regulations and assisting you with the required administration, we ensure you comply with the rules at a minimum tax cost to your business. We provide all of taxation services, including:


Our services consist of :

  • Tax Audit Assistance , Tax Objection, and Tax Appeal to Tax Court.
  • Tax Specialty Services i.e, Transfer Pricing Documentation, Tax Restitution, Tax Diagnostic Review
  • Strategic Tax Planing
  • Local and International Tax
  • Tax Exemption Application.
  • Tax Compliance preparation and Reporting such as Corporate Tax, Individual Tax, VAT, Employee Tax, and Withholding Tax article 21, 23, 26 and 4(2)

SACPA’s have clients that need auditor’s opinion on their financiall statements. We conduct an audit on overall financial statements and suppoting evidence, and provide opinion to the audit result.



For additional  benefits of the clients on our audit services, we give

the recommendation on the problems and weaknesses on of internal control, an identify potential opportunity for the development of the company.


In general, our audit services comprise of :

  • Financial audits
  • Special audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Review of quarterly and interim reports
  • Due deligence reviews
  • Investigation audits
  • Internal audist, internal control reviews
  • Management and Operational audits.

Audit  and Assurance  Services

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